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Study tools

Here are the concept representations that you all did in class on Thursday. As promised, we’re posting these as a possible study tool for your midterm. See these as starting places for studying for the exam. We recommend doing this for all of the concepts on the study guide, with many citations from the readings … Continue reading


Photoshop, Diigo & Twitter

A couple of follow-up items from class today: 1. Photoshop: Remember that there are staffed drop-in hours at the DML, so make use of their help on your project. You can find the calendar on the DML homepage here: http://www.uwb.edu/learningtech/spaces/dml121 (For support after hours you can also go to the IT help desk in the … Continue reading

Welcome to BCUSP 104G / 107G

Welcome to the course website for BCUSP 104G / 107G! Please use this website as a living syllabus and resource as you work through the quarter. You can find links to the course readings, social media applications and technology resources on the right hand side. You can subscribe to an email update or an RSS … Continue reading