Production Track (45% of total grade)This section of the course will help you to build your transmedia storytelling skills using photographs, graphic novels, and short videos. These assignments will help you to achieve: attention to the complexities of culture and identity in multimedia representations, proficiency in multimedia storytelling using digital technologies. Analysis Track (45% of total grade)This section of the course will help you to build your knowledge of how social theory can help explain the social world through reflective and analytic writing, a midterm exam, and a final analysis paper. These assignments will help you to achieve: an understanding of basic concepts in the study of culture, identity, and social structure, ability to analyze media texts in light of social theory and research, proficiency in critical thinking and academic writing skills.
Visual Alphabet. (5%) In this assignment you will work in a small group to design a photograph that will represent a letter in the alphabet. Then you will work in an image editing program to alter the photograph. Reflective and analytic writings. (20%) These assignments will consist of weekly in-class and take-home writings, reflecting on the readings or films for the day, or applying concepts to example media texts for analysis.
Graphic Novel. (15%) Students will author original graphic novels, focused on some aspect of autobiography, culture and identity. This assignment will focus on developing a clear narrative story arc, and effective use of basic graphic art strategies. Midterm Exam.(15%) There will be a midterm in week 6 that will consist of multiple choice questions, short answer questions and essay questions, and it will cover all course material prior to the testing date. 
Digital Film. (25%) Each student will have the opportunity to produce their own short digital film, based on the Digital Storytelling model, and present their work in a film festival at the end of the quarter. Final Paper. (10%) The quarter will end with a 4 page analysis paper that integrates the course concepts through the presentation of a clear thesis statement related to storytelling, culture, and identity.

*Specific details about each assignment will be provided in separate documents, which will be handed out in class and as electronic pdf files that will be hyperlinked via the assignment name above.


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